Unlike clothing, shoes could last us damn near a lifetime if they’re well taken care of. This means we wear the same pair of heels over and over again, just with interchangeable outfits. Since that sentence alone sounds pretty boring, I’m constantly looking for ways to spice up my shoes. How could I possibly do that? Well, with socks my friend. Ankle socks, tube socks, cashmere socks, fishnet socks, all of these could instantly make that old pair of heels pop. There is NO better place for fancy socks than Topshop so I purchased a basic white nylon pair to show you guys how I wear my favorite heels with socks. Ready?! Read More

Although I’m heavily obsessed with makeup, just like the next chick, I’m no professional makeup artist. I walked into my first MAC store when I was 18, dipped my fingers into some pigments, swatched some eye shadows on my hand, and never looked back. I’ve never been told what’s right or wrong, no one ever laid out the rules of makeup application for me. I only know as much as I do from sitting in front of my mirror for hours and experimenting with trial and error. So when I post my makeup looks for you guys, I want you all to know that ANYONE is capable of recreating them. Most of them require little to no prior knowledge, maybe just a steady hand to keep your eyeliner straight. Read More

The level of euphoria that a painter reaches when he lays his paintbrush on a canvas, is what I feel with my camera in front of a well-dressed man. My love for menswear overpowers that of women’s fashion, tenfold. In fact, I couldn’t even tell you the latest trends on the women’s runway, but you can count on me to tie your tie or choose the perfect pocket square for your blazer. I was lucky enough to meet one of the best dressed men in New York, and watch his progression over these last couple of years as he transitions his street wear style into high fashion. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you “Sessions With My Muse” Sean Pierre. Read More


• American Apparel Chiffon Tee
• American Apparel Chiffon Skirt
• ASOS Gold Chainlink Necklace
• Forever 21 Yellow Bow Waist Belt
• Shoedazzle Margo Read More

Continuing with my favorite androgynous brand, ADYN, I give you volume two of my His & Hers LookBook. This time we waited until nightfall and set up shop in an old, hidden parking lot. Bright lights, dirty floors, graffiti covered walls filled the ambiance for a perfect androgynous-themed photoshoot. Outfit details are at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! Read More